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Straight from the Farm to your Table

At Crowfoot Valley Farm, our goal is to produce excellent quality meats & eggs that you can enjoy around your table with family and friends!  By sharing our story on social media and with customers, we hope to close the gap between the farm and your table.  We are blessed to be producing food locally, right here in Parker, Colorado.  By following natural processes and raising high quality stock, we are able to produce a more nutrient dense product that brings out flavors which have been lost in modern agriculture.  We are honored to produce food for you & your family and will always strive to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our products!

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We take great pride in our eggs here at Crowfoot Valley Farm.  We allow our chickens complete free-range access to pasture, 365 days per year.  This model allows the chickens to eat plenty of grass & bugs and allows the chickens to soak up ample amounts of that Colorado sun.  They return to the coop to lay their eggs and sleep.  We collect and wash eggs every single day.  By allowing the chickens to have this freedom and access, they produce a much more flavorful and nutritious egg.


We raise heritage mixed breed pigs that have been specifically bred for their wonderful meat characteristics along with their ability to live outdoors and thrive in the Colorado environment.  They have a large Berkshire & Duroc influence.  Our pigs are raised 100% outdoors where they can dig in the dirt and do the things that pigs were made to do.

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Along with Crowfoot Valley Farm, we run the Parker Beef Co. where we raise pure bred Black Angus Cattle.  Ultimately we are just trying to produce "Very Good Beef" that was raised with care and no funny business.  We follow a strict set of principles to meet this goal.  We start with high quality Black Angus genetics, raised free-range on pasture, fed a very high quality species appropriate diet and finally our beef hangs for an extended dry-aging period.

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