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Wholesome Products Straight from the Farm

We strive to produce the highest quality meat & eggs!  At Crowfoot Valley Farm, our animals are raised the way that nature intended, in symbiotic relationships between the animals and the land.  By utilizing natural processes, we are able to produce a more nutrient dense product that also brings out flavors which have been lost in modern agriculture.  We are honored to produce food for you & your family and will always strive to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our products!

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Pasture Raised Eggs

Our chickens are raised outside, on pasture, 365 days per year.  This allows them to soak up that Colorado sun while foraging for grasses & bugs and do the things that chickens were made to do!  Our nutrient dense, pasture raised eggs are a clear example of the "why" behind our farming model.

Homestead Pork

We raise a mixed breed of hog that has been specifically bred for their wonderful meat characteristics along with their ability to live outdoors and thrive in the Colorado environment.  They have a large Berkshire & Duroc influence.  Our hogs are raised 100% outdoors where they can dig in the dirt and do the things that pigs were made to do.  They are 100% antibiotic and hormone free!

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  Parker Beef Co.
Very Good Beef

Along with Crowfoot Valley Farm, we run the Parker Beef Co.  We are just trying to produce "Very Good Beef" that was raised with care and no funny business.  We follow a strict set of principles to meet this goal.  We start with high quality Black Angus genetics, raised free-range on pasture, fed very high quality species appropriate diets and finally our beef hangs for an extended dry-aging period.