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Crowfoot Valley Egg CSA!

At Crowfoot Valley Farm, our eggs are the star of the show!  Farm fresh eggs are a clear example of small scale agriculture producing superior quality to anything you can get in the store.  We sell our eggs through an annual CSA model.  Eggs are naturally a seasonal product based on length of the day and seasonal temperatures.

What is a CSA

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture.  For the customer, you sign up for a committed number of eggs throughout the season, which gives you guaranteed access to our eggs during the CSA time period.  For the farm, it allows us to pre-sell our products and provide cash flow to help supplement the high cost of egg production.

CSA Basics

Our CSA has limited openings, so sign up early in the season!  Choose your pick up option and quantity.  The season runs for 18 weeks from about May, 15 - Sept, 15 depending upon the chickens egg production.  Based on your pick up schedule, stop by the farm during your pick up week, grab your eggs from the egg fridge and you're good to go!

Subscription Options

​Our subscription prices are the price for the entire CSA season.  You pay once at the beginning of the season, then as the CSA is open, you just stop by and grab your eggs.

  1. 1 dozen per month - $40 ​​

  2. 1 dozen every other week - $65

  3. 2 dozen every other week - $125

  4. 1 dozen every week - $125

  5. 2 dozen every week - $245

  6. 3 dozen every week - $350


Once you subscribe, you will receive an invoice in your email.  You can pay directly through the invoice or send a Venmo payment.

Purchase Eggs Outside of CSA

You can purchase eggs at the farm when we have extra inventory that exceeds our CSA commitment.  Eggs outside of the CSA are $7.50/dzn.  Please send an email to check on availability prior to stopping by.

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