CVF Egg Subscription

At Crowfoot Valley Farm, we sell a majority of our pasture raised eggs through a subscription model.  The subscription typically runs from April-November.  Naturally, eggs are a seasonal product.  Due to the warmer weather and longer days during this time, this is when nature has determined is best for chickens to lay eggs.  It's our goal for the subscription model to make the egg buying process easier for our customers.

Raising Chickens at Crowfoot Valley Farm

We take great pride in our eggs here at Crowfoot Valley.  We allow our chickens complete free-range access to pasture year round.  This model allows the chickens to eat plenty of grass & bugs and allows the chickens to soak up ample amounts of that Colorado sun.  They return to the coop to lay their eggs and sleep.  We collect and wash eggs every single day.  By allowing the birds to have this freedom and access, they produce a much more flavorful and nutritious egg.


Signup to receive a set number of eggs every week.  You can then pick up your eggs at the farm on your designated pickup day.  Or if you are in one of our delivery areas, the eggs will be on your porch by 7 am on delivery day.

Subscription Options

The options are completely customizable, but we do have a few standard options:

  • 1, 2 or 3 dozen every week

  • 1, 2 or 3 dozen every other week​


By default, we will send a monthly invoice for your subscription at the end of the month.  If you prefer to have weekly billing/payment, just let us know and we will accommodate.


$6/dzn. Through Venmo, Zelle, cash or check


If you are in one of our delivery areas, a reminder email will be sent the day before delivery.  Your regular order will be delivered by 7 am on your scheduled delivery day.