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The Short Story

Crowfoot Valley Farm is located in Parker, Colorado.  We are a local family-run farm that has been producing delicious fresh products since 2018. We strive to raise the highest quality meat & eggs. Our animals are raised outdoors, on pasture 100% of the time.  All products from Crowfoot Valley Farm are raised with the highest standards in regards to quality & treating animals with care and respect and are raised right here on our farm in Parker.

We believe it is critical for consumers to know their farmer and to have full transparency into how their food was produced.  This is what drives our passion and dedication. 

The Long Story

We are the Rigg family; Jason, Alli, Grace, Tanner & Luke.  In 2018, we uprooted our normal suburban life and moved to the farm.  While we were certainly not farmers prior to this, Jason did grow up in a small Pennsylvania Amish town where family farms were the predominant landscape and local food was easy to find.  This is where his passion is rooted and what has led the family's desire to live a life on the farm.  For more than a decade, Jason researched and visited the best regenerative farms from across the country to learn their methods.  After years of studying and farm visits, he was convinced that they needed to mimic this food production model and bring it to Parker.  Alli however, grew up in the suburbs, so it took a few years to convince her to make the jump and change in lifestyle.  Eventually Alli shared in the vision (for the most part) and they moved to the farm!! 

Building a farm from scratch has certainly been quite the adventure.  Some expected and a lot of unexpected.  We have dealt with coyote attacks, rattle snakes, bull snakes, learning farm skills, animal health and the circle of life.  

But even with all of the challenges, there have been so many wonderful moments and we wouldn't change a thing.  We love this lifestyle and having the opportunity to raise our kids surrounded by nature while learning so many valuable life skills.  

Thanks for joining us in this farm journey.  We are honored to be producing food for you and your family.  


Jason, Alli, Grace, Tanner & Luke

About: Our Farm
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